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Live dealer casinos in the UK offer a wide variety of different virtual games. Slots are no exception, they can range in terms of game play from 3-reel slots and video slots to slotto slots and more. Many of these games are categorized based on their payouts and monetary limits.

High roller slot machines are unique among these disparate games in that they are tailored to the VIP player who is willing to risk the big bucks on a game (or games).

Regular online slots only require you to insert a couple of pounds, but high roller slots typically start in the neighborhood of £100 and can climb to as much as £5,000.

That’s a lotta bags of sand to start off with, but if you’re feelin’ lucky, the high roller casinos are all too happy to say, “Sling ’em over.”

The real boon of playing the slots at sites like Royal Panda and the like is the swag. They reward your every move with points that are redeemable against anything from extra funds to catered holidays in exotic locales.

The better online casinos show you which slots are hot and which slots are cold so that you can make a quick and easy determination about what you want to put your money in. This enables you to choose betwixt the lure of a quick win or the rush of taking a chance on a cold slot.

Many of us like to feel that we are in control. The interesting thing about high roller slots is that you cannot really control them. They epitomize what it means to take a gamble on something and, oftentimes, that is how you reap the greatest rewards.

Playing Slots the Smart Way

Whilst there are no clear cheats or advanced strategies for playing high roller slots, you can get the edge on the game by choosing video slots as opposed to more traditional slots. With video slots, you get bonus rounds with mini-games that are more tailored to skill and strategic thinking than the main game itself.

Some operate on pure chance, but others may give you the opportunity to use your smarts and cunning for the win. Once you’ve aced the mini-games, you can usually win free spins and bonus prizes.

If you pay close attention to payout charts before selecting a game, you’ll have a better idea of which ones suit your price range and ascertain the precise rules of any given slot game. The odds of a big payout decrease the more you play any one slot, so it’s always advisable to vary it up a bit.

On the other hand, there are some slot games that work in the opposite way. These games potentiate a larger payout the longer you play the game. If you see that you’re losing, keep at it and the prospective payout will be a big one.

The high roller already knows this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: If you go for games that provide larger prospective payouts for bigger coin sizes, it’s worth investing the max. This is especially true of progressive slot machines.

Among the banks of online slot machines, you’re likely to find at least one that gives you the option of doubling your winnings at real cash slots. Always keep an eye peeled for the “Gamble” button.

Slots to Avoid

be careful of online gambling scamsWe all know there’s some right dodgy chancers out there looking to take your money and run. Elsewhere on this site, we’ve discussed the glut of online

Casinos that don’t payout when they should and so forth. But another thing to be mindful of is avoiding the wrong slots.

For starters, not everyone believes that progressive slot machines are the way to go. When there’s a chance to win an astronomical amount of money by playing these slots, there’s a lower payback than with fixed jackpots.

High roller players who are seeking out a live dealer casino should be careful where they decide to play slots. The unfortunate reality is that there are several online casinos that do not operate above board.

These shady online casinos are lousy when it comes to payouts and bonuses. Many players have reported rigged games and delayed withdrawals. For this reason, it is important to carefully select the very best.

With this in mind, we have compiled our Top Three List of High Roller Online Casinos in the UK. Our selections are based on thorough research and testing. The following are the best high roller online casinos.

Let’s take a look. 🙂

Top Pick # 1—Royal Panda

Royal Panda offer players 300+ games including an impressive number of video slots. Their high rollers slots include the infamous Dead or Alive, the award-winning Twin $pin and the family-friendly Emoti Coins.

Pick 2—888

With around 200 games, definitely doesn’t have the most comprehensive library of games online, but when it comes to high roller slots, they’ve got you covered. Their 20 imaginative video slots and six jackpots come with unbeatable odds and a 95.8% payout.

888 is also renowned for their fast and easy payouts, round-the-clock live chat support and VIP treatment of high rollers. Like Royal Panda, there is no wager too small and plenty of chances to win big on a large bet.

Pick 3—Bodog

A trusted and dependable high roller casino in the UK, Bodog has some of the hottest slots around. And I do mean hot. Games like A Night with Cleo and Doo Wop Daddy-O keep things steamy and exciting as you pound those buttons.

For the horror fan in all of us, Jack the Ripper is another rip-roaring good time. When we tested Bodog out, this was our go-to game and we’re happy to report that their famed 2k jackpot landed right in our lap…or, at least, our laptop.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

Always be sure that you are playing games with an RNG. As with roulette and blackjack, RNGs are put in place to make sure that a minimum percentage is paid back to players.

This fair software tells you that the slot game is genuinely randomized and not rigged against players.

Obviously, the RTP (Return To Player) will be different depending on what game you are playing, but the RNG is your friend if you want all assurances that the online casino in question is on the up and up.

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