High Roller Poker in the UK

Online poker has taken the Internet by storm. Players love the fact that they don’t have to travel great distances to a regular gambling casino or even leave their home for that matter.

For high rollers, poker is a mainstay. A true game of thought and strategy, it is among the most popular games at live dealer online casinos.

Let’s look at our top picks for poker sites for UK players. 🙂

Online Poker vs Live Poker

Although the rules of poker are the same no matter where you are, high roller online casinos pair you up with a random opponent, thereby increasing the challenge.

You won’t be able to look your opponent in the face to look for any tells about whether they are bluffing or not.

For the high roller, it is this kind of excitement that makes online gambling such an incredible experience. Online poker is more fun because it’s more intellectual, drawing on your powers of mental acuity when wagering a bet.

Put more simply, online poker is about skill. Period. This one is only for the big boys who really know what they’re doing. 😉

Free Practice Games

practice casino gameMany high rollers appreciate the added advantage of being able to play online poker for free to get the lay of the land.

Let’s face it, you would never get a game of anything at a land-based casino without plunking down some money, but online you are afforded the chance to practice before getting into a proper game.

With practice games, you can hone your skills and feel the whole thing out before putting your strategies to work and laying down a serious wager.

Maximum Hands

At a land-based casino, you get about 30 hands per hour in a no limit poker game. At a high roller online casino, you get more than 60 hands, making it an obvious choice for more action.


Did I say action? It’s all about the action online. Online games demand that all players act quickly which means you get a lot of hands in a short period of time. The extra pressure this instills means that all players will have to act fast, making for quicker results.

Variety is the Spice of Life

tons of gamesOne of the myriad of advantages that online poker has over the poker played at land-based casinos is the sheer diversity of the games.

At high roller online casinos, you can choose to play any popular form of poker, whether it’s Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Low or No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.

It’s a chance to play games you never found at any land-based casino before.

It’s quick and easy to learn how to play games like Texas Hold ‘Em online with YouTube tutorials and blogs dedicated to the subject.

Other variations include Omaha 8, 7 Card Stud and lesser-known games with a range of limits. There’s everything from cash games and single table tournaments to the more thrilling multi-table tournaments. You’ll have your pick of the litter.

Faster Dealing

At a land-based casino, the dealer has to collect, shuffle and deals the hards after each hand, but high roller online casinos slash that time courtesy of their automatic functions which perform this task effortlessly and expediently.

Consequently, you get hands in excess of 60 in every poker room. Playing more hands of course equates to winning more hands. It’s faster and more rewarding.


In addition to all other benefits, the most enticing thing about high roller online poker is the ability to play and win a progressive poker jackpot. You could end up with an extra €2,500 in addition to your winnings by competing in a poker jackpot tournament.

As a high roller, you demand the very best. When it’s your money on the line, you should expect nothing less. But many online casinos are less than reputable.

Some live dealer casinos withhold payouts, lack proper bandwidth or don’t exactly pony up when it comes to bonuses and incentives. For that reason, you should take a minute to peruse our top three picks for high roller online casinos in the UK.

These casinos have been carefully vetted to ensure that they measure up to the claims on their respective websites. After playing with each of these online casinos, we are proud to report that they are the best in the biz.

Top Pick # 1—Royal Panda

Poker players will love the 8 video poker games featured at Royal Panda. Whether it’s Deuces Wild Double Up or Aces & Faces, Royal Panda’s high roller poker games boast stunning graphics and terrific odds. Fast speeds and faster payouts make this one numero uno on our list.

Pick 2—888

Ostensibly known as a high roller poker room, 888.com is unique in that they afford $10 (no deposit needed) to each and every player who downloads their poker app. This EGR North America Award-winner for Poker Operator of the Year is among the best sites for high roller poker players thanks to their up-to-the-minute news and consistent promotions.

Pick 3—Bodog

Like 888, Bodog are committed to attracting high roller poker players. They offer a 100% sign up bonus for those who join to play their poker games. Other signature promotions include a Royal Flush bonus, a Bad Beat bonus and an informative How To guide for beginners.

Joining the Pool

Every online casino has its own name for what I’m talking about, but it essentially boils down to table selection. On a high roller online casino site, you can join a pool of players who are playing the same game and limit.

There are typically 9 or 10 people at a virtual table. The hand is dealt and you click on what you want to do in the hand. Once you’ve clicked on the fold button, you’re moved to a different table with new players who fold at the disparate tables.

This multi-table experience is unlike anything you’ll find in a land-based casino since the software actually moves you around each table as you switch from one to the next. It’s just one of the many innovative features you’ll find at a high roller online casino in the UK.

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