Top 5 Bitcoin Online Casinos 2017 – Bitcoin Gambling Guide

There are plenty of online Bitcoin casinos available, but you don’t want to choose one with security issues or a poor game selection. Here at UK Live Dealer, we’ve put together rankings and reviews of the top Bitcoin casinos. All our reviews are based on our evaluations of the casinos, and we never accept payments for our reviews.

A Short Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos

Since almost the beginning of Bitcoin, there have been Bitcoin casinos. They have the same general idea of other online casinos, which in turn have the same general idea as real casinos, but Bitcoin casinos have some features that make them much more interesting.

Bitcoin has taken gambling, a traditional industry, into the modern era. And it has done so while making the practice safer than ever. With cryptography and all the innovations that have occurred thanks to Bitcoin, there’s far less risk of any scams or loss of money.

And Bitcoin casinos are known for being provably fair through mathematical calculations, which means you don’t need to wonder if an online casino is taking advantage of you anymore.

Not only can you play at these online Bitcoin casinos, you can even invest in them. Choose right and you could end up earning some serious money.

Who Am I?

I’m an online gambler who started playing with Bitcoins way back in 2011. Since then, I’ve checked out well over 100 online Bitcoin casinos, from the most popular sites to the smaller ones that are just starting out. I’ve done plenty of research on provable fairness, and I put together this site to help people find the right Bitcoin casino.

All my reviews are completely unbiased. I look at the casino based on its merits, showing you the good and the bad.

Good luck finding a casino and winning big when you do!

FAQs About Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. If you’re interested in the technical aspects of Bitcoin, it’s a currency that’s completely digital and uses blockchain technology. It’s available to anyone with internet access, and you can use it to make and receive payments online. The biggest perk with Bitcoin is its privacy, as it isn’t tied to any banking institution or government.

How can I purchase Bitcoin?

There are many methods to buy Bitcoin. The most popular methods are:

  • Going to a Bitcoin exchange and paying physical money for bitcoins.
  • Depositing physical money in a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Using a site that facilitates private-party Bitcoin exchanges, such as LocalBitcoins.

With all the different options, you can buy as many bitcoins as you want in a short amount of time.

Are there online Bitcoin casinos that allow players from the United States?

We’ve found that almost all Bitcoin casinos are open to players from anywhere in the world. There are a select few that don’t allow U.S. players because of the country’s stringent laws governing casino operators.

How can I get free bitcoins?

Although there are quite a few ways to score free bitcoins, most require a significant time investment to make much money. The most effective method is using Bitcoin casino faucets, which let you claim a small amount of free money every couple minutes. It’s repetitive, but over four to five hours, you could make about $250.

Do I need to provide my credit card number or any other personal information?

Bitcoin casinos typically don’t ask you to provide any personal information, allowing you to stay private while you gamble. Since all deposits and withdrawals are done using Bitcoin, you won’t need to provide a credit card number or any banking info.

Why should I trust the reviews and rankings on your site?

Our goal is to help gamblers find the best Bitcoin casinos. We don’t accept payments for our reviews, and we take pride in being detailed. Before and as we write a review, we play game after game at the casino to make sure that everything is done fairly and by the book. We break down the pros and cons of every casino, and we’re willing to tell you if we think a casino is a scam.

This page doesn’t include every Bitcoin casino. To check out the full list of Bitcoin casinos we’ve reviewed, click here.

Newest Bitcoin Casino Reviews

At UK Live Dealer, we’re always on the lookout for new Bitcoin casinos to review as well as the best ethereum casino. This list includes our most recent reviews, and they are all written by our casino review team, which consists entirely of experienced gamblers.

With Bitcoin quickly developing into the most popular currency for both online casinos and online gamblers, there are plenty of new sites popping up that accept the cryptocurrency. You’ll find many of the latest on the list below.

How Bitcoin Is Changing the Landscape of Online Gambling

Although Bitcoin has skyrocketed in popularity recently, it has been successful in the online gambling world for even longer. There are several key factors that make this cryptocurrency such an attractive choice among gamblers and casino operators.

The Basics on What Makes Bitcoin Successful

One of the biggest core virtues of Bitcoin is that there’s no authority figure in control of it or regulating it, which has given developers much more freedom in experimenting with it. Since there are no restrictions on who can program Bitcoin and no regulations to hold people back, it allows for quite a bit of creativity.

A big benefit for online casinos is that Bitcoin’s infrastructure essentially makes it immune to any tampering or meddling by third parties, including regulators. If, for example, an authority wanted to take down sites related to gambling, it wouldn’t have much luck on Bitcoin cash casinos.

The technical aspects of Bitcoin are another area where it excels. The currency is known for having fast transaction times with very low fees, which are two factors that make it excellent for online gambling. And unlike with other payment methods, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once the transaction goes through, it’s done. For more conventional methods of payment, it can take days for a transaction to clear, and there may be expensive fees involved to cover the casino’s fraud prevention costs.

Perhaps best of all, your name is never tied to a Bitcoin transaction. Everything is completely anonymous, which is a huge perk for online gamblers who want to keep those activities and winnings private.

Why Online Casinos Began Adopting and Loving Bitcoin

Bitcoin gambling has been around for years now, with some of the earliest examples being bitZino and SatoshiDICE. However, it wasn’t used that much by online casinos until the currency began getting worldwide attention and the Bitcoin community saw a surge of growth.

The turning point was around 2013. The financial crisis was no longer at its worst, but people were still distrusting of banking institutions and traditional investment opportunities. When searching for alternative options, many investors found out about Bitcoin for the first time. Those who jumped on the Bitcoin train were handsomely rewarded this year, as the price of Bitcoin spiked, going well over $10,000.

While this was happening, people also wanted more ways to use bitcoins without converting them into another currency. There was considerable demand for casinos that allowed Bitcoin. Any casinos that did saw their traffic grow by leaps and bounds, and there were more Bitcoin-ready casinos springing up by the day.

Many of the online casinos that got on board with Bitcoin have done very well with it. They may have had humble beginnings in 2013, but by allowing Bitcoin early on and gaining people’s trust, these casinos have seen millions in wagers.

Dice Games and Provable Fairness Prove to Be a Winning Combination

We mentioned SatoshiDICE a bit earlier, and it was one of the first big online Bitcoin casinos. One thing that was unique about it, especially if you’re used to online casinos with dozens or even hundreds of games, was that it had just one major game.

It was a dice rolling game that was about as simple as it gets. Gamblers could set up their odds and bets however they wanted, and they could roll dice as quickly as their Bitcoin transactions would go.

Of course, it wasn’t just Bitcoin or a dice game that made SatoshiDICE so popular. The house edge on its game was low, meaning gamblers had better odds at winning money. Just as important, it was provably fair. Any gambler who wanted to check could get mathematical proof that their dice rolls were random.

SatoshiDICE is still around, although it’s now known as MegaDice. It was once number one when it comes to number of bets, but there have been other casinos offering dice games that have surpassed it by improving on its winning formula.

The most significant improvement was allowing bets off-chain. Instead of the gambler needing to deposit bitcoins every time they wanted to make a bet, they could deposit money into their account and bet as they pleased. This sped the game up substantially. Like SatoshiDICE, these newer casinos have dice games with a very low house edge of just 1 percent. Most casino games give the house a much larger advantage.

Another reason these newer casinos overtook SatoshiDICE was that they added a community element to the game. They offered public chat rooms, replicating the feeling of being at the casino and talking to other people while you play.

Innovations Powered by Bitcoin

People have referred to Bitcoin as programmable money, which is an apt way to describe it. It gives everyone the freedom to discover their own unique ways to use it, without any party being able to control how it’s used. This has led to several interesting innovations in the online gambling world, as developers have the opportunity to try new things thanks to Bitcoin.

For example, one online Bitcoin casino called Just-Dice came up with the idea of having players fund the site. It’s basically the crowdfunding model applied to online gambling, and it allows users to put their money on the house winning. It worked out very well for Just-Dice, which received quite a bit of funding. In turn, players could make very large bets through the site.

Another innovation brought to the online gambling world by Bitcoin is games that are only playable using cryptocurrency. Many of these have very unique gameplay that provides something far different than the traditional gambling experience. A notable example is Bustabit, where you need to make your bet and figure out the right moment to cash out before you go bust.

The owner of Bustabit also came up with a useful online gambling wallet, MoneyPot. This wallet is compatible with many online casinos that have provably fair games. Instead of needing a separate account at all these casinos, you can just set up MoneyPot and track everything through that. If you’d like, you can invest in MoneyPot.

The Present and Future of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin has certainly been a good thing for the online gambling industry. Not only has it provided a superior currency option for online casinos, but it has also led to quite a bit of innovation. All the online Bitcoin casinos coming out is great for the gamblers, because it gives them reputable options and encourages healthy competition among the casinos.

If you’re looking for an online Bitcoin casino, you can choose from the tried-and-true older casinos and the new upstarts. These new live dealer casinos don’t always become successful, but it can be nice to give them a try and get in the ground floor with the community there. You’ll find that community is a big part of the Bitcoin gambling experience, and it’s exciting to be part of that.

Gambling is one of the most popular ways to use bitcoins to date, and it’s unlikely that will change any time soon. The privacy of Bitcoin and how the cryptocurrency works makes it a natural fit for online gambling. Even if Bitcoin doesn’t become a massive success in every area, its future with the online gambling industry is as cloe to a sure thing as it gets.

The Latest Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way to get more bitcoins to gamble with, and we stay on top of all the newest Bitcoin casino bonuses. We update bonus offers regularly so that they’re accurate and you can find what you need.

Check here if you want to see the most recently added Bitcoin bonuses. The best part of these bonuses is that they get paid out in bitcoins. If you want more than just the latest bonuses, check out our list of all the Bitcoin casino bonuses currently available. There are all kinds of different bonuses available to satisfy just about any deposit amount. See which one you like, check the rollover on it and make your deposit to start betting.

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