Bitcoin Cash Casinos for Lightning-Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular choice for online live gambling, with Bitcoin Cash getting quite a bit of attention for some key advantages it has over other options. Transaction costs are very low with Bitcoin Cash, and its protocol can handle larger block sizes than Bitcoin, which has a 1 MB limit on its block size.

This means that more transactions can go through in a shorter period of time with Bitcoin Cash.

Whereas Bitcoin transactions can take hours and sometimes days to go through, Bitcoin Cash transactions can go through instantly. And unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have users competing for blocks to handle their transactions, leading to significantly lower fees. A Bitcoin transaction fee could be a few dollars, compared to just a few cents for a Bitcoin Cash transaction fee.

Many online bitcoin casinos now accept Bitcoin Cash. To help you find the right one, we’ve ranked them below, and we update our rankings every time a new casino comes out.

Best Bitcoin Cash Casino (No Deposit Bonus)

The list below is our ranking of the top online casinos that allow Bitcoin Cash transactions.

 Bitcoin Cash Video Casino

Certain cryptocurrencies have unique features when it comes to online gambling, such as Ethereum allowing for smart contract betting. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, has no features or options that make it different from other cryptocurrencies for online gambling. But there are a few important reasons why people choose to gamble with Bitcoin Cash instead of an Ethereum casino or any other options.

The low transaction fees are a huge plus, especially if you only want to deposit and bet small amounts of money. If you want to gamble online at a Bitcoin casino, it’s usually not worth it if you’re depositing under $200. At those amounts, transaction fees can eat up 10 percent or more of what you’re depositing. Bitcoin Cash provides a viable alternative where you won’t be paying so much in fees.

Bitcoin Cash has a big edge on Bitcoin in terms of speed, making it a great choice if you want to get your deposit processed and start playing right away. That being said, it’s not the fastest cryptocurrency, as Ethereum, Ripple and DASH all tend to be faster.

Some users take the politics behind their cryptocurrency into account and have made the switch to Bitcoin Cash because they’re unhappy with the censorship of the Bitcoin Core team and its affiliates. This switch to Bitcoin Cash is basically a form of protest, although in all fairness, Bitcoin Cash has some of the same issues with a select few very wealthy parties having substantial power.

Bitcoin Cash certainly has its benefits, but what cryptocurrency you choose really comes down to personal preference. You may value the speed and low transaction fees of Bitcoin Cash, or you could prefer the strong reputation of a Bitcoin casino. It’s entirely up to you, as there are arguments in favor of every cryptocurrency.

FAQs About Bitcoin Cash

How did Bitcoin Cash get started?

Bitcoin Cash has been around since August 2017. The cryptocurrency forked off Bitcoin’s chain for the purpose of taking the block size from 1 MB all the way up to 8 MB. This would enable more transactions that could also process more quickly.

In the two years before this happened, there was considerable debate in the Bitcoin community about it. Many wanted to figure out an agreement for increasing the Bitcoin blockchain’s scalability while keeping it secure. The arguments became heated and resulted in a schism between the two sides, eventually leading to Bitcoin Cash.

Scaling remains an issue for Bitcoin, leading many to believe that Bitcoin Cash could eventually take its spot as the top cryptocurrency. That would be great news if you gamble with Bitcoin Cash, because you could see your winnings drastically increase in value.

What makes Bitcoin Cash different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash was identical to Bitcoin when the two cryptocurrencies first split. Since then, they’ve each gone in different directions. There are two significant differences between them.

Bitcoin implemented a software upgrade called Segregated Witness (SegWit) in July 2017, which took data from its blocks to create more capacity onchain. Another benefit of this was that it allowed for lightning networks and got rid of a transaction malleability problem. SegWit isn’t in use with Bitcoin Cash, as it uses block size increases for scaling.

Bitcoin Cash has a much smaller development team than Bitcoin, at least for the time being. Bitcoin’s development team includes its Core developers and quite a few other interested people who contribute code, whereas Bitcoin Cash has a handful of developers.

As a result, the level of technical expertise is much higher with Bitcoin, and software upgrades that Bitcoin gets probably won’t be part of Bitcoin Cash.

Can I deposit Bitcoin Cash at any online Bitcoin casino?

Don’t be fooled by the name – Bitcoin Cash is now completely separate from Bitcoin, and you can’t send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin wallet. If you tried, you would most likely lose your Bitcoin cash, since you can’t perform any chargebacks on cryptocurrency transactions. To gamble with Bitcoin Cash, make sure you find an online casino that accepts the currency. Our rankings can help you with that.

Is Bitcoin Cash a scam?

There are several extremely wealthy individuals behind Bitcoin Cash, and a couple of them have potentially questionable backgrounds. However, that’s something people should look out for and be cautious of with any cryptocurrency, and it’s not unique to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is certainly a legit currency. It works exactly as intended, and you can use it at any online Bitcoin Cash casino, including the ones we have listed.

Although it’s impossible to predict what will happen with Bitcoin Cash, the cryptocurrency has quite a few benefits and looks promising for the future.

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